Reverse Engineering Voiceflow Data Export

As we learnt when looking at Voiceflow alternatives, Voiceflow has a data export problem. We spent weeks experimenting with how to get the data out of it and interestingly, we found a way, and not a very dirty one too!

Reverse Engineering Network Requests

It all starts by observing the network requests happening while a user edits a Voiceflow diagram.


There is a particular request that returns the Voiceflow design once a user loads the design page.


Interesting - that seems to contain the design in some JSON format!

Data Export Scripts

We used this technique to reverse engineer everything, from logging in to Voiceflow, to listing the user’s workspaces, projects, and finally to downloading the data about a project. We then produced a set of scripts which do just that, without access to a browser!


You can find the actual scripts here.

Some months later however, it turned out that Voiceflow implemented a data export feature rendering this breakthrough less attractive, but still valuable.