Prototype Roadmap

In parallel to our research findings, we were implementing functional proof of concept scripts. The actual scripts are not used in our end product but are nonetheless some of our key deliverables along the way. The same concepts are applied in our end product with a different implementation.

Scraping Voiceflow Data (Bash)

A set of shell scripts to log in to Voiceflow, list a user’s workspaces, projects, and download bot designs. This is implementing our reverse engineered approach to Voiceflow data. You can access more information as well as source code to these scripts here.

voiceflow scripts

Interpreting a Voiceflow Design (Python)

A Python CLI script to read a Voiceflow JSON file and simulate a chat interaction with it.

python interpreter

Source code here.

Converting a Voiceflow Design and Deploying as a Twilio SMS Bot (Python)

A Python implementation breaking down a Voiceflow design and setting Twilio up to use that as a chatbot. This implements an approach we documented here.

twilio scripts

The End Result

These scripts outline the core capabilities of what we aim to achieve. This exact code has been rewritten and is no longer part of our end product, but it stands as a valid and minimalistic proof of concept for interpreting Voiceflow files. To see more, start by reading our system architecture.