Prototype 2

The next HCI iteration focuses on a desktop application. A user would edit their chatbot designs on Voiceflow as usual, and enter their Voiceflow credentials in our app. The rest bears similar functionality to our previous prototype, with more screen real estate to make the possible actions intuitive.


sketch 1 sketch 2 sketch 3

Interactive Prototype

After our client approved the sketches, we designed the following prototype:


We conducted many prototype interviews with our client, TA, and others. Using that feedback as a starting point, we also conducted heuristic evaluation.

Heuristic Evaluation

Aesthetic and minimalist designThe “Deploy/Manage” screen is redundantMake “Manage” the main screen with a “Deploy Bot” button2
Consistency and standardsBack button is unintuitive, difficult to accessMove it up to vertical center and make it a larger arrow1
Flexibility and efficiency of useIt takes many steps/screens to edit a botAdd different edit buttons in the “Manage” screen2
Flexibility and efficiency of useIt is difficult to manage many botsMake the “Manage” bot table filterable by column, searchable, and with pagination2
User control and freedomUsers need an easier way to reassign a bot to a different phone numberAdd that as an edit option in “Manage”3
Aesthetic and minimalist design“Are you sure?” and “Success” prompts shouldn’t be a separate pageMake it a pop-up notification2
Error preventionUsers can accidentally overwrite/remove bots with no way of undoing the actionConsider removing overwriting functionality and add confirmation prompts for bot removal3

Additional Interview Feedback

When the user wants to deploy a chatbot to a phone number already in use, this prototype allows the user to overwrite and delete the current chatbot deployed on that phone number. Even with special warning text, this is a dangerous operation and its consequences must be made more explicit. Therefore we should not allow a user to do both of these actions in a single operation.

However, this brings an additional problem - what if the user wants to upload a chatbot behind a phone number already in use? They would reach the ‘select phone number’ stage only to find out that they cannot proceed (because we don’t want to allow overwriting). So they must go back, remove the chatbot, and do the whole upload process again. Inefficient. So we thought of changing the upload process to not include phone number selection. That selection is made on the manage bots screen.

For these major changes we produced the following sketches:

UI redesign sketch

We have applied these changes in our actual UI implementation, which you can view in our user documentation under the ‘For Users’ tab.