Prototype 1

We started with the idea of a browser extension. A user would open the Voiceflow page of the chatbot design they would like to convert to SMS. Then, the extension would scrape that data and offer the user Create Read Update Delete (CRUD) style options to turn it into an SMS chatbot.


Sketch 3

Sketch 4

Phone sketch

Interactive Prototype

After some feedback iterations on these sketches, we designed the following interactive prototype. Open the extension via the extensions menu.

The experience of a user interacting with an SMS chatbot is demonstrated here too.


The above prototypes are the already improved versions after one cycle of evaluation and feedback. If you are interested in reviewing our designs before that evaluation, check out the extension here and the SMS interaction here.

In the below sections we expand on how we improved these prototypes.

User Interviews

We conducted a few interviews demonstrating our prototype to potential users. Here is one recording of such.


A primary evaluation method in this case was via heuristics due to its simplicity, efficiency and low time-cost.

Consistency and standardsThe add and delete bot button is too smallIncrease the size of to cover the button text too (fixing violation of visibility principle)1
Flexibility and efficiency of useA bot has to be removed and added to be updatedAdd an update button that is more intuitive2
Visibility of system statusUser has little information to identify and control the botsAdd more information for the bots, such as creation timestamp and current status (uploading, running, or failed)3
Help users recognise, diagnose and recover from errorsA patient could respond with an unrecognisable optionWhen a bot asks a question, help the user by listing the answer options2