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Deploying Chatbots

How to deploy a chatbot?

To deploy a chatbot, you first have to upload it. You can find out how to do that here.

After you upload a chatbot, you will see that it shows up on the main screen as UNDEPLOYED.


If you want to make it publicly accessible via a phone number, you must deploy it using the smartphone icon. Clicking on it opens our 2-stage deploy process.

deploy test

  1. The first stage is a testing stage, and works just as we described here.

We include this here to motivate users to test their bots before deployment.

deploy number

  1. The next stage allows you to select a phone number.

Here you see all numbers associated with your Twilio account. Numbers which already have bots deployed to them will be greyed out and are unable to be selected.

deploy error

Selecting an available number will connect the chatbot to the number. The table on the main page is updated to reflect this new assignment of the chatbot to that number.