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Uploading Chatbots

What do you need to upload?

Uploading chatbots involves getting your chatbot design as a Voiceflow .vf file and uploading it in our app.

Getting the Voiceflow File

  1. Log in to Voiceflow.
  2. Select the project which you want to upload.
  3. Export the (.vf) file.

Instructions on how to export the file can be found here.

voiceflow export

Uploading your Chatbot

  1. Open up the SMS-It application.

  1. Click Upload New Chatbot in the top right to begin the process of uploading your chatbot.


  1. You can upload the exported .vf Voiceflow file at the upload screen, after which you can give your chatbot a name.

Attention! Two chatbots cannot have the same name, so make sure the name you enter is unique.