For Users


What must you do to get started?

  1. Register a Twilio account.
  2. Upgrade your account to become a “paid Twilio account”.
  3. Buy phone numbers with SMS capability.

1. Register a Twilio account


Our SMS capabilities depend on Twilio, a digital SMS infrastructure provider. You must make a Twilio account.

2. Upgrade your Twilio account

Furthermore, you must upgrade it to a “paid” account by adding credit (minimum 20GBP at the time of writing). Here is the Twilio Guide to upgrade your account.

3. Buy SMS Phone Numbers

In order to deploy chatbots behind real phone numbers, you need to buy numbers for your Twilio account. Here is a Twilio Guide which will take you through the process of buying a number.

Important! Make sure to buy numbers which have “SMS” capability. You can buy as many numbers as you think you’ll need.


Note: Remember that one number can only have one chatbot deployed on it at a time.

Twilio Charges

Lastly, please pay careful attention to Twilio’s charges. Your account will be charged every time one of your phone numbers receives an SMS message from a user, as well as every time your chatbot responds to that message. At the time of writing, there are no additional costs associated with running the actual chatbots.