The UI and Key Functionality

User Interface and Experience

The UI is designed with our key users in mind - primarily non-technical, busy clinicians within the NHS. Therefore we made it imperative that we try to keep the UI as simple and straightforward as possible, with a minimalistic design and straightforward functions.


We regularly took feedback from our client and adjusted to fit the requirements and new functions. Therefore, the final design produced was user friendly and easy to learn and use. We also had a real clinician, who was not our client, give us feedback from a non-technical lens which we were able to iterate on.


We have achieved 100% of our Functional requirements when it comes to our application. When it came to judging whether we passed those requirements, it was mainly from client satisfaction (expressing how they received what they expected) and the thorough testing we did.

The client provided an initial shortlist of requirements, but we went out of our way, with the client’s approval, to extend this list to add features and functionalities.

Many of these additional requirements help the long-term maintainability because of all the testing and modularity we added to the project. It also addressed creating a more usable system by adding aspects like the ability to simulate a chatbot.