Evaluation Overview

Over the past sixth months, despite many uncertainties, a lot of great work has been done. We produced a product to benefit our client as well as tools and research that people can use outside the scope of this project.

We managed to meet all the requirements that the client outlined to us as well as 100% of the additional features that, with the client’s approval, we decided to expand the project with.

We took an agile approach for the project and after many development cycles, we came out with two published, tested and documented NPM packages. We also went through many iterations of our UI to get it to a point where it was intuitive and user-facing.

All of this is wrapped up with User, Admin and Developer Documentation as well as a thorough test suite.

We see a bright future for our product where we have a whole ecosystem of different conversation (e.g Voiceflow, VUIX) and SMS platforms (e.g Twilio, Vonage) that are bridged together with the help of our modular system, which provides well-defined APIs and formats.

In this section’s articles, we will reflect on our project timeline, highlight our achievements, and give you an idea of what the future of SMS-It will look like.