License: AGPL v3 Tests

What is this?

Bundles together multiple Twilio API calls to let you easily deploy a chatbot in a few requests.


The documentation for the ubf-to-twilio can be found here.


Supported Node.js Versions

This package supports the following Node.js implementations:

  • Node.js 6
  • Node.js 8
  • Node.js 10
  • Node.js 12
  • Node.js 14


npm i ubf-to-twilio


const api = require("ubf-to-twilio")

//Retrieve Twilio Client.
client = await api.tryConnecting({"username": "TwilioAccountSid", "password": "TwilioAuthToken"})

//List all Phone Numbers on an Account.
numbers = await api.getSMSAccountPhoneNumbers(client)

//Retrieve all Fully Initialised Bots on an Account.
bots = await api.getDeployedBots(client)

//Get back all Bots that have no linked Twilio Service.
unlinked_bots = await api.getUnlinkedBots(client)

//Upload your Chatbot.
assistant_id = await api.uploadNewBot(client, bot)

//Set the SMS webhook of a specific number.
api.changeBotPhoneNumber(client, assistant_id, "+447123456789")

//Unset the SMS webhook of a specific bot.
api.unlinkFromNumber(client, assistant_id)

//Simulate a Conversation with your Chatbot.
simulated_text = await api.simulateBot(client, assistant_id, "Text you want to simulate!")

//Remove your Chatbot.
api.removeBot(client, assistant_id)